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How to Take Care of Your Handmade Beaded Jewelry

Handmade beaded jewelry is delicate. The splash of colors and their combination used in beading jewelry makes you look gorgeous. It is made with effort and keen observation of the artisans. The string used is lightweight and durable.

However, the beads can get damaged or sometimes break if not kept carefully. If you want your handmade beaded jewelry collection should last long then you should know how to take care of your handmade beaded jewelry.

In this blog, you will get to know that in order to extend the life of your elegant beaded necklaces, earrings, bracelets, and anklets, there are some basic instructions listed below that you need to follow.

  1. Keep your beaded jewelry in a dry and clean container or box.
  2. Make sections of the jewelry box. Segregate the beaded bracelets, rings, and ankletsfrom each other in different sections.
  3. Keep the beaded earrings separately from the rest of the jewelry to avoid scratching onbeads.
  4. Do not place the jewelry in direct sunlight. Keep in a shady area.
  5. Avoid wearing your beaded jewelry in water. It may break while swimming or bathing.If the beaded jewelry gets wet it may lose its color.
  6. Do not wear it when doing household tasks, it may stuck into something or break bysudden accident.
  7. Do not wear it to the gym or yoga classes.
  8. Do not apply body cream or lotion while wearing a piece of beaded jewelry.
  9. Do not spray perfumes or deodorants on the beaded jewelry.
  10. Don’t wear sharp edges jewelry along with handmade beaded jewelry.
  11. The cord or string in the beaded jewelry, if weakens, can be replaceable.
  12. Long beaded necklaces are often complex, they need to be set in the elongated flat boxto avoid tangling.
  13. Do not wear them to sleep. Always take off the beaded jewelry before going to bed.
  14. Avoid hanging the beaded jewelry, it may lose its shape.
  15. Keep the beaded jewelry away from the reach of children and pet animals.
  16. Clean the beaded jewelry with a soft towel or fabric. Do not rub harshly.
  17. In the case of heavily beaded jewelry with geometric patterns, use a soft bristle brushto clean the dirt stuck in it.
  18. To remove the dust from the beaded necklace, use cold air from the blow dryer atdistance.
  19. Avoid wearing beaded jewelry in extreme weather temperatures. Frosty weather maycrack the glass beads and hot weather may cause a skin rash.
  20. Do not iron the beaded jewelry. It will fade the color of the beads.

Thus, the handmade beaded jewelry is beautiful, elegant, and valuable. They need special care and attention. The life span of hand-made beaded jewelry depends on how properly they are kept and treated by you. That’s why Fahari’s handmade jewelry is made with love. Shop more from our elegant and stylish collection available in our online store.