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Sustainable Hand-made Jewelry Made With Love

Fahari luxury is a newly established handmade jewelry brand. Inspired by African culture, it offers delicately handmade beaded jewelry all over the world. Fahari has a range of handmade beaded jewelry designs that are made with love. The unique and beautiful handmade jewelry collections present on Fahari come directly from Kenya. These intricate sets of colorful accessories are prepared with fine quality and sustainable beads.

Our team comprises twenty artisans who are well-versed in making traditional and contemporary jewelry designs. Equipped with skills and talents, our artisans come up with unique ideas and create a sophisticated string of beaded jewelry patterns. Our beaded jewelry pays homage to ancient artists of Africa.

The beaded jewelry was originally worn by women of the Maasai tribe in Kenya. As the Fahari Luxurious jewelry is handcrafting the beading techniques of Maasai women, the team works on each color bead to be beautifully woven to represent the true culture of the Maasai tribe. Thus, Fahari is reviving the traditional beaded jewelry worn by the people of Kenya and Africa to the present generation as a fashion statement.

Fahari aims to empower the women of the Maasai community living in Kenya. By offering employment and making them self-employed, we intend to eradicate poverty in Kenya. Maasai women are true artisans. The techniques of beadwork and bead crafting are gifted from their ancestors. It believes that in this era, the art of making handmade beaded jewelry should not only be a talent but also a source of income for the women of Maasai. Therefore, by providing a platform, Fahari has successfully made the Maasai women independent and resilient, eventually, uplifting the families and communities of Maasai.

Beads represent beauty, history, and symbols of Maasai culture. The beads in every jewelry article actually are made of pure substance. Even the other raw materials used in the Fahari jewelry collection are obtained from sustainable sources. The materials involved in making the products can be recycled and reused. The materials such as beads used are eco-friendly and viable. That’s why you will find each and every handmade jewelry piece available at Fahari Luxury appealing and worth buying.


Fahari’s magnificent line of hand-made beaded jewelry includes necklaces, chokers, earrings, bracelets, anklets, and sandals. From small, simple, and light weight to big, fancy, and complicated articles, every jewelry piece is elegantly handmade with high- quality colorful beads, deep love, and proper care. It is for all ages of women with a modern touch and ancient style.

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